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Spotlight on: Sharing Sister Dorothy Stang's story in the United States, Rome and around the world

This has been an important time for the Roman Catholic Church and the world in terms of the Care of Our Common Home and integral ecology.  The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Dame have been deeply involved in this process in the United States, on the ground in Rome during the Vatican Synod and on the Internet.

The Pontifical Mission Society selected Sister Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN to be the 2019 Missionary for the United States. Her life as a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur and her work on behalf of the care for all creation was shared in churches all across the United States on Mission Sunday for October 2019.

Newer Member Gathering

The SNDdeN Newer Member Gathering was held on the weekend of September 27- 29 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Newer Members included Sisters Cristina Garces, Jacinta Ohilmmobe and Gillian Wallace. They were joined by Sisters Nancy O'Shea, Formation Coordinator, Linda Soucek, USL Liaison for Formation and Mentors Kim Dalgarn, Marilyn Kerber and Novice Director Stephanie Thompson. 

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers/AmeriCorps

Perseverance, patience, and resilience are the ingredients necessary for success in the for the Boulangerie Notre Dame ministry In Haiti. Tracking the activities of the bakery over the last few months provides a snapshot of the flexibility needed to overcome the challenges of operating in Haiti. In August the bakery was producing eighteen sacks of flour a day, which amounts to roughly seventeen hundred bags of bread! Even with these large quantities, sellers were not able to keep up with the demand from customers. However, this cause for celebration could not be sustained due to factors outside of the bakery’s control. 

Protests from political unrest continue to spread across Haiti with road blockages and resource shortages. 

Widening Our Hearts: Creating a space to discuss things that really matter

On September 29, 2019 a group of passionate Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, staff, associates, alumnae, and friends gathered at Notre Dame Academy in Worcester to learn and converse about the immigration crisis. This event was the second in a series of presentations coordinated by the US SNDdeN East-West Province Widening Our Hearts committee. This is a group which is a group offering education, reflection and service to adults seeking spiritual growth and a Catholic perspective on contemporary issues.  

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