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 Building Community

. . .With those with whom we live and work

It takes time, energy and commitment to create and sustain a thriving community. This can be a challenge in stable times. It is a more daunting challenge during turbulent times when the problems we face can seem overwhelming. Whatever the environment, a commitment to building community with people with whom we live and work is a cornerstone of Notre Dame de Namur.

Mid-Summer Magic

Thanks to Sister Josita and Sue Young, Cable Street in festive adornment welcomed  us as we arrived in ones and twos. What a joy to see each other’s faces and be able at last to greet each other warmly with hugs!  The tables quickly filled with potluck delights and the afternoon proceeded with time for prayer, enjoyment of lunch, and a splendid round of sharing when the spotlight moved from one cherished face to the next. 

Happy 170th Birthday, California Foundation!

In 1844 the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur opened a foundation in Oregon, and in 1851 moved to California at the invitation of Archbishop Alemany. The Sisters settled in San Jose, then the state capital, and opened a school there. Notre Dame de Namur University, Notre Dame High School San Jose, Notre Dame High School Belmont, and Notre Dame Elementary School Belmont are all descended from the original San Jose school.

Sharing Resources Across the Notre Dame World

Ohio Unit Archivist Sister Kim Dalgarn and the Mount Notre Dame sisters welcomed Sister Carolyn Buhs from California on her first visit to Cincinnati, Mount Notre Dame and the Ohio Archives and Museum.  Carolyn served in Kenya and South Sudan for over 40 years.  When Covid closed schools in South Sudan, she returned to Kenya and then to the Sisters’ Residence in Belmont, California, uncertain about her future.

4th of July-Hawaiian Style

On July 4th at Julie House in Windsor, CT, a Hawaiian Luau welcomed residents and guests to a holiday celebration! Amidst the ambiance of our 50th state, sisters, associates, staff and friends enjoyed food, drink and companionship. Attendees wore various combinations of colorful leis, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, hair accessories and sunglasses.

Future Thoughts Shift Constantly

Sometimes expectations connect with seasons.  In the New England area, sisters have been able to see each other with more ease than in the previous months.  At the same time, the haphazard Covid regulations, always respected, encouraged ingenuity for some gatherings.

Human Trafficking in the Covid Era

Human Trafficking has been an important concern within Notre Dame for many years. Given the velocity of change and the understandable attention the pandemic has placed on countries, institutions and religious congregations, some topics such as Human Trafficking have not gotten as much visibility in the press or social media as needed. The U.S. State Department 2021 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report and the UN’s Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Report provided helpful information on the current situation.

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