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Spotlight on: Notre Dame Health Care – Connecting Nature and Health

Spotlight on: Notre Dame Health Care – Connecting Nature and Health

Notre Dame Health Care in Worcester is excited to celebrate the Arbor Day Foundation’s recognition of Notre Dame Health Care as an Arbor Day Tree Campus Health Care Program.  They are the first health care organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to receive this honor.

Remembering Saint Martin de Porres

As we sing O Mary we crown thee during May Crownings in May and celebrate the feasts of the Ascension, Pentecost, Saint Joseph the Worker as well as Mother’s Day, May Day and other civic special days, let us remember that the Church also celebrates the feast of the “lesser Saints.”

I bring and present for our remembering, Saint Martin de Porres, who lived from 1579 -1639 and who was canonized on May 6, 1962 by Pope John XXIII. The Church has lifted up Saint Martin de Porres as the Patron of Social and Interracial Justice.

Arbor Day Coffee

As a follow-up to last month’s article on Notre Dame Health Care Center’s Arbor Day Foundation designation, we are sharing one of the perks associated with this award.

Arbor Day Coffee is available to participants at a discount to friends of NDHC.  To place an order, use the following link: and use the discount code NDHC25. Not only does this coffee protect and preserve the environment, it is a tasty brew. Just ask Sister Bernice King, an avid Arbor Day Coffee enthusiast:

“The Arbor Day Foundation is dear to my heart, as it not only plants many trees in our rainforests but cares for them and enriches our environment. Recently, I received a sample of their delicious coffee. What a gift, I said to myself. “Oh, this taste is so smooth and I feel so relaxed.” Then I went to my computer to learn more about this wonderful coffee. On the Arbor Day Foundation website, it spoke of their coffee as “Smooth”, the same description I had named it. To all of those who love coffee, it is my favorite. I hope it can be yours too.”

Because it is shade-grown coffee and sustainably grown under the canopy of the rain forest in South America, it’s mission is to provide farmers with a fair wage and increase access to healthcare and education as well as to preserve the rain forest.  In fact, every cup you drink preserves 2 square feet of precious rain forest.  Sister Dorothy Stang’s witness of protecting the rainforest is indeed alive and well today!

Bringing Montessori Philosophy and Methods to Nigeria

On May 9, Nigerian Sister Jacinta Ojilimmobe will receive her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Arriving in August 2018 to attend Xavier University, she could only guess about the wonderful resources she would take back to her students and teachers in Nigeria!

Before coming to Cincinnati, Jacinta completed her certification in elementary and social studies education, prepared to teach older children.  Coincidentally she became Coordinator of the Nursery Section of the Notre Dame Nursery and Primary School in Enugu, Nigeria, which enrolls 1,000 + students, ages one through twelve, including 400+ children ages 1 to 6.  Sister Jacinta enjoyed learning about and experiencing the little children as she supervised and mentored faculty.    

In Thanksgiving

After reflecting on the verdict of Derek Chauvin’s trial, Father Joe Muth, the pastor of Saint Matthew Church in Baltimore, put out an alert for a gathering of thanksgiving. A small but resilient group gathered outside the church on the bitter cold and windy night of Earth Day 2021. After Scripture readings we reflected on the long rocky road of the civil rights movement. In a litany of thanks, we raised up the many leaders who advanced the ideal of liberty and justice for all. With miles to go before we sleep, we pledged to keep on keepin’ on in our efforts to help bring about the community of God on earth.

Ending Gun Violence: Are We There Yet?

The escalation of shootings across the United States has become epidemic.  Energy among advocates who protest, make public statements and use social media also is escalating.  These actions have not yet taken hold and the shootings in the United States has become not only a national embarrassment but a national tragedy.

The road to peaceful solutions seems endless.  Over and over, advocates against gun violence can ask ,“Are we there yet?”  “Are we almost there?”   Over forty years ago, the fallout from the assassination of Martin Luther King, along with national debates about civil rights, prompted demonstration signs that also read “Are We There Yet?” 

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