Making Known God's Goodness

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers

Celebrating Service

Members of the D.C. team, NDMVA National Office staff, and Washington School for Girls (WSG) staff met with Mr. Gay at a D.C. service site, Washington School for Girls. The group shared the impact and importance of their service experience, and how it has connected them to their community, passions, and desire for justice. Members’ service focuses on access to education and provides individualized learning opportunities in and out of the formal classroom. He was impressed that the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are so innovative and invite others to their charism through this volunteer program.

Mr. Gay shared that it warmed his heart to learn about NDMVA’s work in D.C. and across the country, as he grew up in similar circumstances as the students being served. In telling his own story, we learned that Mr. Gay similarly benefitted from the opportunities provided by volunteers and community centers, especially the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta, during his youth. The day ended with WSG students leading Mr. Gay on a tour of the school, during which they shared what they loved about it. They also highlighted their appreciation for their NDMVA member, Ms. Sullivan, an adult who sees the best in them and is a constant source of encouragement.

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