Making Known God's Goodness

St. Julie Billiart

St. Julie Billiart and Françoise Blin de Bourdon founded the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1804. From the beginning, Julie had no doubt about the mission of the congregation. Her one aim was to love the good God and to bring others to love this good God.~ She saw the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame as identical to the mission of Jesus-a mission that has continued to flourish and which is very much alive in our current time.

St. Julie's belief that God is good enabled her to face life with a joyful and trusting spirit that gave meaning to all of her life experiences. "Ah, how good is the good God!" is an expression that was continually on her lips.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are called to proclaim the good news of God's goodness through word and action. In a post modern society where people are plagued by the erosion of traditional values, by the insecurity of total relativity, and by pain of self-doubt and a loss of meaning, there is a hunger to experience the goodness of God, pervasive in all creation and giving meaning to all of life.

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